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El Chalten to the end of the road, Ushuaia — March 17, 2017

El Chalten to the end of the road, Ushuaia

It’s hard to say where good fortune comes from but it seemed I had had more than my fair share in the preceding twenty months, as my biking friend Dan had said that if you try not to form them, paths will take their form and you’ll make the most of every inch of them. Continue reading

The Carretera Austral and route 40’s Pampa to El Chalten — February 23, 2017
Mendoza to Puerto Montt — February 16, 2017
Northern Argentina, Route 40 to Mendoza — February 1, 2017
Sucre into Argrentina — January 18, 2017
Arequipa to the end of 2016 in Sucre — January 2, 2017
Southern Peru — December 5, 2016
Northern Peru — October 28, 2016
The rest of Ecuador — October 9, 2016
Piendamo to Tumbacco (Quito) — September 7, 2016