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a bike ride down the pan am

Northern Peru — October 28, 2016
The rest of Ecuador — October 9, 2016
Piendamo to Tumbacco (Quito) — September 7, 2016

Piendamo to Tumbacco (Quito)

The glistening white town of popoyan had a tranquil, middle class feel to it. At 2000 meters it was pleasantly fresh and with little to do (I love towns with little to do) I relaxed and chatted away to a couple from Luxembourg. Bill was enamoured by my trip and Thelma seem petrified I had put such an idea into his head. Continue reading

Manizales to Piendamo and Bogota — August 26, 2016
Colombia. Cartagena to Manizales — July 8, 2016
Managua to the Darrien — June 8, 2016
Xela, Guatemala to Managua, Nicaragua — April 12, 2016