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a bike ride down the pan am

Manizales to Piendamo and Bogota — August 26, 2016

Manizales to Piendamo and Bogota

When your on the road for a long time a town like Manizales is exactly what you hope to stumble across. The sky held a wonderful space between the mountains and the cityscape. Volcan Ruiz at over five thousand meters peers down over the city.
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Colombia. Cartagena to Manizales — July 8, 2016
Managua to the Darrien — June 8, 2016
Xela, Guatemala to Managua, Nicaragua — April 12, 2016
Mexico City to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala — March 22, 2016
Guadalajara to Mexico City — February 24, 2016
Mazatlan to Guadalajara — January 29, 2016
The Baja Peninsula — January 10, 2016
Los Angeles to the Mexican Border — December 31, 2015
San Francisco to LA. Then back to San Francisco, then back to LA. — November 22, 2015

San Francisco to LA. Then back to San Francisco, then back to LA.

My first night in San Francisco consisted of an interesting evening with my uni friend Tom’s uncle Stephen, who put me up in his room at a Buddhist centre. I was fascinated by Stephens life story that had started with 8 years training into the benadictine priesthood followed by moves into directing musicals, a stint as a philosophy lecturer, successful spell as a vacuum salesman before his current 12 year stay in the Buddhist centre. Stephen spoke fluent Latin and I could have asked him question after question until the cows came home. The following morning I helped him move his stall to the market on embarcadero where he was to spend the day selling birthday books and entertaining fellow stall holders with his impressive wagner renditions. Ash, a former band mate and close friend was waiting for me in the hire car lounge a little worse for wears from the night before, it was a joy to see his cheeky little grin and we shared a good cuddle and a fry up before cruising out of San Francisco en route to Yosemite in a sporty saloon with a trunk full of pickles, nachos, beer, chocolate milk, a bulging iPod and a week to play with.
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