…..easy for Mr Kuti to say doing his thing in Nigeria. My intention wasn’t to use this blog as an update from the Alaskan department of transport but It looks like this might be becoming the case. There was a balmy day last week and the sun came out, melted the snow and the first 100 miles of the road out of Deadhorse now looks mostly like this.

Dalton Hwy New 01 - 20150521

Its a slight improvement but still looks pretty hard to cycle through, there’s no guarantee what condition the road will be in, if its there when the water goes. The first 100 miles of this 18,000 miles trip are providing an adequate distraction from the rest of it, I kind of like it like that, nice bitesize chunks! The state governor Bill, bearer of bad news, Walker decided that he would declare another disaster. I’m hopeful he’s just being a bit of a drama queen, they love that in the states right??

I’m feeling prepared though and me and the new wheels are getting on just fine. Figure I know everything there is to know about the dalton highway now and what a road it promises to be if that water will drain away. From what i’ve seen there are parts that look incredibly spectacular and the solitude of one of the most isolated roads will be a unique experience. It passes through 500 miles of not very much, no services, no shops, the brooks mountain range and then what looks like endless arctic tundra covered in permafrost (a condition where the ground never actually thaws out). Its essentially a service road for the oil fields that lie of the coast, the one they drive down on ice road truckers, that particularly quality piece of television channel five was kind enough to bless us with.

Enough of the road updates, lets hope the sun is shining on the Villa in the FA cup tomorrow and a fun couple of weeks of seeing friends, untold protein consumption, packing up my room and a groundbreaking conclusion to the exploration of the relevance of restorative justice to the field of social work.